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It is very important to hire a DUI defense attorney who has a great deal of experience and has taken many cases to trial. Brian Leininger has taken over 80 cases to jury trials and over 200 to bench trials, which are trials to a Judge without a jury. When a prosecutor knows you aren't afraid to go to trial, and you you have more experience than they do, they respect you and take you seriously. This leads to better results.

Below is a list of some of Brian's case results. Of course, all cases are different and a great result in a prior case does not guarantee a similar result in your case.

  • Retired Police Chief charged with DUI

    The former Chief of Police from Johnson County police department had attended a charity event where drinks were served. On the way home the retired chief was involved in a minor accident and was asked to take field sobriety tests and a breath test. The result of the breath test was .149 and clien... Read On

  • Engineer strikes police car, injuring officer. Avoids prison.

    Client went out for drinks with colleagues after work as the snow began to fall. When it was time to go home the roads were an icy mess and cars were sliding off the road. Client hit a patch of ice and slid off the road right at the location another car was in the ditch. Client's car hit a police... Read On

  • Case Referred by OP Cop, Dismissed after Accident in Wyandotte County

    Client got lost on her way home from a night out and, while trying to find her way, side-swiped a couple of parked cars. She was arrested and taken to the police station for a breath test. The result was .194, almost 2.5 times the presumed limit for intoxication. Client's sister, who is an Overla... Read On

  • Two college girls in rollover accident. One dead, other charged with manslaughter. Not guilty.

    It was the early morning hours and two college girls were winding down after a night with friends. They were driving on I-435 and lost control of the vehicle, hit a bridge barrier, and rolled onto the passenger side. One young lady was partially ejected through the passenger door window and was k... Read On

  • Near-fatal ATV accident, driver's DUI dismissed

    Highly-intoxicated client lost control of the ATV he was driving in rural Linn County and received severe injuries. He was taken by life flight to the hospital and his blood was taken and tested to be well over the limit. This case presented many difficult issues. Attorney Brian Leininger determi... Read On

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