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Retired Police Chief charged with DUI

The former Chief of Police from Johnson County police department had attended a charity event where drinks were served. On the way home the retired chief was involved in a minor accident and was asked to take field sobriety tests and a breath test. The result of the breath test was .149 and client was charged with DUI in the Overland Park Municipal Court.

Brian Leininger, a long-time Overland Park DUI defense lawyer, was hired and requested an administrative license hearing. Brian won the hearing and his client received no license suspension or restriction whatsoever. Client was very embarrassed about the DUI charge and chose to quietly enter a diversion program rather than publicly fighting the case. Client completed the program and the DUI charge was dismissed.

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Brian Leininger

Kansas DUI Defense Attorney Brian Leininger has handled over 2000 DUI cases and is ready and available to help you with your case. He has been practicing Kansas DUI law every working day since 1991.

Attorney Brian Leininger

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Attorney Brian Leininger helps people accused of DUI and related offenses in Kansas.

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