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Douglas County DUI Attorney Information

The Douglas County District Court is located in the Douglas County Judicial Center at 111 E. 11th Street in Lawrence, Kansas. This court handles cases that occur within Douglas County but outside the limits of any city.  Further, all DUI arrests made by the Kansas Highway Patrol and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office anywhere in the county are prosecuted here.  Finally, all felony DUI cases, Aggravated Battery/DUI cases and Involuntary Manslaughter/DUI cases in Douglas County are prosecuted in the Douglas County District Court. Occasionally a DUI case which would normally be prosecuted in a municipal court will be handled by the District Court if it involves complex issues or additional charges which are normally handled in the District Court. The cases are prosecuted by the Douglas County District Attorney's Office. You are required to pass through a metal detector to enter the building.

This court is often mistaken for the Lawrence Municipal Court which is also in Lawrence. Be sure to double-check the location of your court.

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