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In Kansas courts, most DUI cases are misdemeanors. However, some DUI cases are felonies. How do you know where your case stands?

If your current DUI charge is your first or second DUI charge, in any location or at any time, it is a misdemeanor (lower level crime). After that it gets more complicated. If your DUI case is your third or more in your lifetime it is normally a felony (higher level crime). However, some very old DUI cases can be excluded and some DUI cases from states other than Kansas can be excluded so that, in rare circumstances, even a third (or more) DUI charge can be a misdemeanor. We will need to investigate your DUI history in detail to make that determination.

Attorney Brian Leininger

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Attorney Brian Leininger helps people accused of DUI and related offenses in Kansas.

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We understand that a DUI arrest is not something that most people plan for financially. We try to make it as easy as possible on you to get great legal advice and representation.