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Leininger Law Offices is a criminal defense law firm in Overland Park, Kansas, serving Johnson, Douglas, Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Miami Counties and handling cases throughout Eastern Kansas and the entire state of Kansas.  Attorney Brian Leininger has been handling DUI cases every working day since 1991 and almost certainly has more DUI training than the officer who arrested you.  My years of experience began as an Assistant District Attorney and later City Prosecutor.  Additionally, I spent nearly five years as General Legal Counsel to the Kansas Highway Patrol.  I used to teach police officers how to make DUI and drug arrests.  Now when I teach at seminars the topic is DUI defense and the audience is made up of other lawyers. 

DUI Defense Attorney Brian Leininger has a combination of experience, training and expertise in Kansas DUI cases that, frankly, no other lawyer can match. 

Kansas DUI Defense Lawyer Brian Leininger has been practicing law in Kansas since 1989. He has been married to the same woman since 1986 and they have three wonderful children who are the lights of their lives. Brian and his wife enjoy film, theatre and music and participating in charity events. Brian was a youth baseball and basketball coach when his kids were younger.

Brian is a Certified Barbecue Judge through the Kansas City Barbeque Society, judging a few competitions a year. He is also an avid backyard barbecue chef and occasionally assists friends' teams in competitions. Brian is also a proud member of the Kansas City Whiskey Club and enjoys learning about and tasting whiskey in a safe and sensible manner.

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We understand that a DUI arrest is not something that most people plan for financially. We try to make it as easy as possible on you to get great legal advice and representation.