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Engineer strikes police car, injuring officer. Avoids prison.

Client went out for drinks with colleagues after work as the snow began to fall. When it was time to go home the roads were an icy mess and cars were sliding off the road. Client hit a patch of ice and slid off the road right at the location another car was in the ditch. Client's car hit an Overland Park police vehicle that was there to assist the other driver. The officer suffered serious injuries and ultimately had to retire from the police force. Client was also injured and taken to the hospital. His blood was tested and his alcohol content was .14.

Client was charged with Aggravated Battery, a serious felony, and faced prison time. DUI defense lawyer Brian Leininger assisted client in putting himself in the best position to negotiate a favorable resolution to the case. The result was probation and no prison time. Client was nearing retirement age and saved his job and pension. 

Brian Leininger

Kansas DUI Defense Attorney Brian Leininger has handled over 2000 DUI cases and is ready and available to help you with your case. He has been practicing Kansas DUI law every working day since 1991.

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